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Cute stuff.

the brand

The story

Phéeline is first of all Cléophée Leprêtre , a young Breton who, since 2015, has been working on making “cute things” as she likes to call her creations.

Phéeline is above all handmade in Rennes and a passion for sewing that the designer gently transcribes through fanny packs, pouches, bags, purses, cushions, kits and even scrunchies. Accessories generally made of cotton and real natural cork, sequined or colored, Oekotex100 certified.

A joyful universe, where pastels mingle with graphic and colorful prints, without forgetting the touch of glitter.

Find my creations in several stores!

France :

Octopus Head - Brest & Saint-Renan

Teepee - Rennes

Mademoiselle Fée du Shopping - Troyes

Blue Simone - Paris 11th

L'Amour Fou - Paris 11th

The Hacienda - Grenoble

Mamie Paillette - Les Herbiers

Bonnie & Ride Club Ladies - Bayonne

French Sacred Hearts - Nantes

Polo Studio - Nantes

Slow - Toulouse

The Department Store - Poitiers

Belgium :

Atom - ATH

Pink - Brussels


Musette Shop - Vienna


Where to find my creations in Rennes:


Designer store

6 rue des ditches, 35000 RENNES

From Tuesday to Saturday,

11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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